BEIRUT: The Lebanese American University signed an agreement with the Louis Cardahi Foundation in Jbeil Friday that allows the university to administer and manage the foundation’s museum while granting access to its facilities.

During the signing ceremony, LAU president Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra thanked the head of the foundation, former Minister Jean Louis Cardahi, and his family for their generosity.

“Both institutions have decided to pull their efforts together to impact the Lebanese society and the youth of Lebanon,” Jabbra said in a statement released by the university’s press office.

According to the agreement, the Louis Cardahi Foundation will become an entity of LAU and will be governed by a board and an operational director that will manage its operations with a budget provided by the university.

An advisory board will raise funds for scholarships to the faculties of Architecture and Design or the Humanities. The recipients of the scholarships will conduct their internship on the premises of the foundation.

Cardahi recalled that his late father, Louis Cardahi, first contributed to the social, cultural and economic development of Jbeil by financing the town’s first secondary school in 1960.

“The foundation has accumulated the largest database of Jbeil, [established] a permanent archeological exhibit and helped painters, sculptors as well as artists. [The foundation] has encouraged heritage conservation and made everything available to visitors,” he added. The foundation is now being entrusted to maintain the legacy of LAU, Cardahi said.

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