Foreign Trade Bank

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    New U.S. sanctions hit NKorea banks

    New U.S. sanctions will punish eight North Korean banks and 26 bank workers living abroad, the Trump administration announced Tuesday, in the first use of new...

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    UN to vote on tougher North Korea sanctions

    The UN Security Council will vote Saturday on a US-drafted resolution toughening sanctions on North Korea, diplomats said Friday, a proposed ban on certain...

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    US slaps sanctions on Russian bank over NKorea dealings

    The United States on Friday slapped sanctions on a Russian bank for helping North Korea evade U.N. Security Council measures designed to curb Pyongyang's...

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    Russian bank hit by U.S. for NKorea links

    The United States Friday imposed sanctions on a Russian bank it said had facilitated a transaction with a person blacklisted by Washington for involvement...