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Moammar Gadhafi
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Libyan kidnappers of Tunisian diplomat demand Islamists' release: Tunisia 
By Tarek Amara | April 18, 2014 02:26 PM
Militants who kidnapped a Tunisian diplomat in Tripoli on Thursday have demanded the release of Islamist militants detained in Tunisia, its foreign minister says.
Tunisian diplomat kidnapped in Libya: security source 
April 17, 2014 06:03 PM
A Tunisian diplomat is kidnapped in Tripoli in unknown circumstances, a Libyan security source tells AFP, just two days after armed men seized Jordan's ambassador.
Tripoli trial of Gadhafi son, top aides adjourned 
By Julia Payne | April 14, 2014 01:06 PM (Last Updated: 14/04/2014 09:55 PM)
The Libyan trial of more than 30 top figures from Moammar Gadhafi’s deposed regime opened briefly Monday, but the court adjourned proceedings as key defendants, including onetime heir apparent Seif al-Islam, were absent.
Council of elders elected in eastern Libya 
April 13, 2014 05:40 PM
State television in eastern Libya has announced the results of elections for a council of elders, a significant step toward establishing a federal system in the country.
In the long run, Vladimir Putin’s bold gamble may fail 
By Joseph S. Nye | April 14, 2014 12:20 AM
By most accounts, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the winner in the Ukraine crisis, at least so far.
In Libya, politicians in fear of powerful militias 
By Maggie Michael | April 11, 2014 12:07 AM
In a humiliating video, Libya’s top politician – the head of parliament – is seen begging with a militia commander, trying to explain to him why he was caught with two women in his residence and insisting nothing scandalous was going on.
Hezbollah: West resigned to Syria stalemate 
By Samia Nakhoul, Laila Bassam | April 09, 2014 06:12 PM
Bashar Assad's Lebanese ally Hezbollah says his Western foes must now accept he will go on ruling Syria after fighting rebels to a standstill - a "reality" to which his foreign enemies seem increasingly resigned.
Peace effort compounds U.S. policy woes in region 
By Matt Spetalnick, William Maclean | April 09, 2014 08:41 AM
The Obama administration faces a stark choice: expend more energy on a faltering peace process or absorb the hit to an already-troubled record in the Middle East and walk away from negotiations.
Libya cabinet calls for new government within week, turmoil deepens 
April 08, 2014 04:36 PM
Libya's parliament has urged Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni to form a new government within a week, an assembly spokesman says, apparently rejecting a cabinet request for more powers to tackle the disorder crippling the OPEC country.
Official: Libyan militant group leader found dead 
By Esam Mohamed | April 08, 2014 10:42 AM
A Libyan security official says the leader of an Al-Qaeda-inspired group believed to be behind a recent wave of assassinations of policemen and judges has been killed.
Libyan rebels, govt reach deal to open some seized oil ports: rebel official 
April 06, 2014 08:37 PM (Last Updated: 06/04/2014 09:13 PM)
Libyan rebels occupying key eastern oil ports have reached an agreement with the government to reopen two of the terminals, a rebel spokesman and a local television channel said on Sunday.
U.S. seeks to boost Algeria in Al-Qaeda fight 
April 04, 2014 12:08 AM
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that Washington was looking to increase its security assistance to Algeria to help it tackle militancy in the vast Sahel region to its south, home to one of the world’s most active branches of Al-Qaeda.
East Libyan rebels will agree to end oil port blockage within days: leader 
April 01, 2014 11:15 PM (Last Updated: 01/04/2014 11:30 PM)
A rebel group in eastern Libya will agree with the government to end its blockade of vital oil export ports within days, a senior leader told Reuters on Tuesday.
Libya releases three rebels who boarded tanker at rebel port: official 
By Feras Bosalum | March 31, 2014 07:35 PM
Libya has released three rebel fighters who had boarded a tanker loading oil at a rebel-held port before it was returned to Tripoli by the U.S. navy, an official said on Monday.
Libya burns cash, halts projects to battle crisis 
By Ulf Laessing | April 01, 2014 12:24 AM
Libya is burning through central bank reserves and scrapping infrastructure projects to overcome its worst budget crisis in decades after the seizure of oil installations by armed groups has reduced the government’s income almost to zero.
Saadi Gadhafi asks for forgiveness in prison video 
March 28, 2014 09:31 PM (Last Updated: 28/03/2014 09:55 PM)
Slain dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s son Saadi has asked Libyans for forgiveness in an interview released by prison authorities three weeks after his extradition from neighboring Niger.
Seized oil tanker Morning Glory arrives in Libyan capital 
By Hani Amera | March 23, 2014 11:14 AM (Last Updated: 23/03/2014 04:39 PM)
A commercial oil tanker seized by U.S. forces after it loaded crude at a Libya port held by anti-government rebels docks back in the capital Tripoli, a Reuters witness says.
Gunmen seized $600,000 in heist in Libyan Islamist stronghold 
March 23, 2014 06:38 PM (Last Updated: 23/03/2014 09:33 PM)
Gunmen steal $600,000 in a heist on a van taking cash to a bank in an Islamist stronghold in the volatile east where there is little state control, media says.
Italy says its citizen kidnapped in Libya, needs medical help 
March 23, 2014 02:12 PM
An Italian man has been kidnapped near the eastern city of Tobruk and there has been no communication from his kidnappers as yet, the Italian Foreign Ministry says, adding he is a diabetic who does not have his insulin supplies with him.
Campaigning starts in Algeria election likely to re-elect Bouteflika 
By Patrick Markey | March 23, 2014 08:34 PM
Campaigning for Algeria's election opened on Sunday with the man expected to win, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, starting his race not with a speech or a mass rally, but with a letter.

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