Mark Spitz

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    Bolt and Phelps cap era of excellence

    Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps towered over the 2016 Rio Games, capping an era of sustained excellence that promises to reverberate through the 2020 Tokyo...

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    Bolt, Phelps leave Olympic-sized void

    Twin titans Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps have mined a trove of Olympic gold, changed the sporting landscape and left a huge hole that starts in Rio and goes...

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    For Phelps, six golds seem very much in reach

    When Michael Phelps arrived in Rio as a 31-year-old swimmer who retired once and endured plenty of turmoil away from the pool, everyone wondered just how many...

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    Phelps should be at world championships this summer

    When the world’s top swimmers head to Russia this summer for the biggest meet outside the Olympics, one important name will be missing from the U.S. team.