Umm Al Mayadin

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    U.N. plays down hopes for Geneva talks

    The United Nations and other parties to Syrian peace efforts Sunday softened any expectations of a major breakthrough at U.N.-led talks in Geneva next week,...

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    Syria says Israeli aircraft struck air base

    Syrian military air defenses shot down missiles and struck a military aircraft targeting the T4 air base in Homs province in an act of “aggression” Sunday...

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    Fighting in Syria’s south displaces 50,000

    Fighting escalated in southern Syria as government forces Tuesday pushed deeper into rebel-held territories in Deraa province in a weeklong offensive that the...

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    Syrian forces widen southwest offensive

    Syrian government forces widened their offensive in the country’s southwest Sunday to Qunaitra province, a region adjoining the Israeli-occupied Golan...

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    Syrian troops march south as U.N. warns of catastrophe

    The United Nations’ human rights chief warned Friday of a “catastrophe” in southern Syria where government forces are on the offensive against insurgents...