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  • U.S. condemns new Israeli settlement plan

    The White House Friday condemned Israeli plans to build 450 new settler homes in the West Bank as “illegitimate and counterproductive” to achieving peace.

  • Al-Qaeda in Yemen says France top enemy

    The ideological leader of Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said Friday that France had surpassed the United States as the top enemy of Islam, as...

  • Syria battle between Nusra and FSA spreads

    Fighting between the Syrian arm of Al-Qaeda and Western-backed rebels in northern Syria spread from Aleppo province into neighboring Idlib Friday, the rebel...

  • Druze sheikhs sound the alarm bell

    A fiery 15 minutes of anti-regime polemic by a midlevel Syrian Druze sheikh which emerged on YouTube this week has sparked an unprecedented level of tension...