• The Iran deal and dilemma 

    Draconian sanctions, the erroneous downing of the Ukrainian civilian aircraft and the targeting of a leading commander and nuclear scientists inside Iran in...

  • Biden may not have a choice on Iran 

    In the absence of any major surprising event, Iran is expected to be the first major crisis to face the upcoming Biden administration early next year.

  • Time to get your act together 

    Over a year ago brave young Lebanese took to the streets in protest against the government’s corruption and incompetence, but a wily and entrenched political...

  • Biden and US foreign policy 

    From now until Jan. 20, 2021,when President-elect Joe Biden takes over, a lot of things could still happen.

  • “Forensic audit” is a term that has been raised lately with special focus on auditing the financial books of the Central Bank and all governmental entities.

    The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in the 1970s was a product of the Cold War standoff between the liberal democratic West and the...