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  • Reckless opportunists 

    Barely had the smoke cleared following the deadly tragedy that struck Lebanon Monday and the circus was back in town, creating fear by indulging in...

  • In Daesh’s crosshairs 

    After the attacks in Al-Qaa, which left several Lebanese dead, it is clear that Lebanon is still in Daesh’s (ISIS) crosshairs. And as the militant group comes...

  • Brexit: Can Britain fix it? 

    For the United Kingdom’s Brexiteers the party’s over

  • A win for the terrorists too 

    There are winners and there are losers in Britain’s decision to exit the European Union.

  • Authentic democracy 

    The United Kingdom voted Thursday in one of the most crucial polls of our lifetime, one that will determine the future for many generations to come.

  • Body of lies and deceit 

    Syria, in the five years its war has been raging, has been issued by the United Nations three special envoys: Kofi Annan, Lakhdar Brahimi and Staffan de...

  • Know your boundaries 

    Anyone remotely familiar with geography and global affairs can confirm that Bahrain is an independent kingdom that for decades has been a member of the U.N....

  • Nuclear flip-flop 

    The gurus of spin in Israel are in action once again – this time to obscure facts and hide behind international organizations such as the United Nations.

  • Ramadan entertainment 

    At first glance, this week’s roster of political activities appears impressive: rich in scope and promising in ambition.

  • First duty is to nation 

    MP Sami Gemayel, who has labeled the government rancid and rotten, Friday confirmed the resignations of the two Kataeb ministers, and again acknowledged there...

  • A Czar and his puppet 

    It’s no secret that a new czar is born, trying to reclaim the glories of days gone by.

  • Bogus resignations 

    Lebanese citizens are accustomed to politicians throwing tantrums every time they don’t get their way, but Tuesday’s resignation of the two Kataeb ministers...

  • Lazy labeling feeds Daesh 

    Violence is violence, no matter who perpetrates it or where it occurs.

  • Last pillar of stability 

    Intervention is nothing new in Lebanon and the region. But interfering in the country’s banking system has always been a red line.

  • Time to be good sports 

    In the wake of the circus that was the municipal elections, during which we endured tensions and took cover as politicians engaged in their signature...

  • An absurd appeal 

    A quick glance at the news coming out of Syria Thursday reveals the breathtaking lows its people find themselves in now.

  • Milestone and inspiration 

    Hillary Clinton securing the Democratic nomination for the presidency polls is unquestionably a milestone in history. But more importantly, she owes this...

  • Promise of bloodshed 

    With the Syrian skies secured by the Russian air force, which even with the coordination with Israel guarantees security, and a highly fortified presidential...

  • Turn away the felon 

    For those who are wondering why Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin for the third time since September, it is...

  • Same tired arguments 

    For not allowing the Mideast maelstrom to distract the world’s attention from the longstanding suffering of the Palestinian people, France must be commended.

  • Coerced acquiesence 

    Portraying shock, irritation and outrage at the suggestion that Iran should quit its interference in Iraq, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif Wednesday...

  • Expose the sultan of spin 

    The creation of the state of Israel in the wake of World War II was for the West nothing less than “injustice served.”

  • Tomorrow a better day 

    As results of municipal elections were announced at every stage the dominant phrase of winners and losers alike was that “tomorrow is another day,” a remark...

  • Elections reality check 

    Lebanon’s municipal elections are behind us, and what we have seen is an invitation to parties and politicians to climb down from their ivory towers and see...

  • Leave the church alone 

    The Lebanese pride themselves on their forefathers the Phoenicians’ invention of the alphabet.