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  • A macabre, deadly joke 

    Bickering, mudslinging and picking fights are certainly part of politics, but only under certain circumstances.

  • Fight fire with fire 

    Terror has arrived in Egypt, after years of simmering tension and periodic upsurges in violence.

  • Self-seeking governance 

    While Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam has succeeded in convening a Cabinet session for this Thursday, the topics on the agenda have yet to be agreed upon.

  • Audacious U.S. deceit 

    Monday’s meeting in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem was instructive.

  • Proposal to nowhere 

    Discussion of a radical proposal to end the presidential election impasse is refusing to go away, even though it seems the idea has only two principal backers.

  • Terror needs serious plan 

    Terrorist attacks aren’t restricted to a specific place or region – they have eliminated borders and jumped from one continent to another, thanks to the...

  • History’s hypocrites 

    European countries have been busy creating a policy on migration – and a military force to back it up – to confront the wave of desperate people risking their...

  • Doomed policy 

    Around one year after ISIS militants made sweeping gains in Iraq and Syria, executing captives and committing other atrocities, the White House announced...

  • A nation of terrorists 

    After a U.N. report earlier this week accused Israel – and not just Hamas – of committing war crimes in last year’s war on Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin...

  • End torture conclusively 

    There is no argument when it comes to labeling torture a crime – it’s an unacceptable, barbaric practice that says a great deal about the society that...

  • End the violent cycle 

    The latest round of fighting in Sidon’s Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp should be the final catalyst for a security plan for the area.

  • Waning U.S. influence 

    Saudi Arabia has for years tended to keep a low profile, but the signing of six strategic agreements with Russia signals that this period may be over.

  • Adverse leadership 

    With several key deadlines looming, it’s vital that Lebanon’s politicians realize that the deadlocks they are allowing to continue could have much wider...

  • Blood leads to blood 

    Of all the oppressed minorities in Syria over the last decades, the Kurds have arguably been the underdog.

  • New Geneva blockbuster 

    Political figures from Yemen are the latest invitees of the United Nations to attend meetings in Geneva, as their country reels from wide-scale violence and...

  • A time for reflection 

    It will soon be the holy month of Ramadan, a time during which followers of Islam are expected to fast – among other things – in an effort to better...

  • A riddle to ponder 

    On the one hand, Lebanon is reeling from turmoil and violence inside and outside its borders, and on the other ... well, it’s difficult to explain.

  • Harmful alarmism 

    The killing of more than 20 Syrian Druze by Nusra Front militants in Idlib province has earned widespread condemnation in Lebanon.

  • Time to build bridges 

    After over a decade at the top the AK Party in Turkey is being forced into a period of self-reflection, having lost their parliamentary majority for the first...

  • Judging the judiciary 

    The importance of having an “independent judiciary” in Lebanon is one of those things that are supported, rhetorically at least, by political parties and...

  • Fast lane to disaster 

    Lebanon’s daily news is full of political struggles over state appointments, the election of a president and the paralysis of both Parliament and the Cabinet.

  • Partners in paralysis 

    Lebanon’s Cabinet is mired in paralysis, while the presidency has been vacant for more than one year.

  • A plethora of Nakbas 

    In the Arab world the calendar overflows with the anniversaries of massacres and military defeats, solemnly commemorated year after year.

  • President or sultan 

    Turkey is headed for an especially significant election Sunday, both for itself and its neighbors.

  • Lebanon held hostage 

    The latest implosion in the Lebanese Cabinet is a stark demonstration of the need for a two-tiered system of government – one that deals with pressing...