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  • The spirit of sport 

    Although the Olympic Games closing ceremony was certainly a fusion of samba, spectacle, smiles and sport, it was also an intoxicating mix of emotions.

  • Sexism mars Rio coverage 

    It’s an undeniable fact that the media thrives on scandal and jumps at every opportunity to cover hot-button issues including gender-based discrimination.

  • Exhausted strategy 

    For the past few months the FPM has exploited every occasion – in front of every microphone, camera, tape recorder, conference as well as on Twitter, Facebook...

  • Horror soon forgotten 

    Anyone with a sense of humanity would have expected the shocking state of Omran Daqneesh, and earlier the heart-wrenching photos of little Aylan Kurdi, to...

  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani swept into office in August 2013 with a slim majority built on a message of “hope and prudence” and an election campaign that...

    “If the 20th century belonged to national states, then the 21st will be owned by cities,” explained Muggah and Zapata-Garesche from Rockefeller Foundation’s...

  • Amazing as it may sound to many skeptics who have watched the Israeli-Palestinian conflict become increasingly violent, a new joint poll by Israeli and...

    Daesh (ISIS) hasn’t had much success yet in recruiting militants among the vast Muslim populations in Southeast Asia.

  • Jet-setting patriarchs 

    The chronicle of movements at Rafik Hariri International Airport, day after day, proves that our MPs are doing their job to the fullest, and according to...

  • Clipping wings 

    Tuesday’s surprise announcement that Russian warplanes have carried out airstrikes from Iran would normally provoke a massive outcry from the West.

  • Dead set on more misery 

    Yemen’s official legal government has exhausted all avenues toward a political solution for the bloody war, in accordance with and with mediation by the U.N.,...

  • Stand-up analysts 

    The past few years have witnessed a new profession called analysis rearing its head in Lebanon, and the craft has been proliferating at a steady pace, with...

  • Draconians in charge 

    When Hassan Rouhani was elected Iran’s president in 2013 the whole world, including the United States, betrayed great elation.

  • Only one path ahead 

    With so many opinions on how Lebanon could be rescued from its presidential vacuum it is a wonder that Baabda Palace remains empty.

  • Volte-face or tactics 

    One thing was clear when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin Tuesday: The meeting had far exceeded its stated...

  • Strip poker with lives 

    The news recently has focused heavily on developments in Syria’s Aleppo, as reports recount deadly back and forths between regime efforts to besiege and take...

  • A celebration of life 

    A few thousand Arabs, and Lebanese in particular, found themselves awake at 2 a.m. Friday night, as was much of the world.

  • Legacy of hypocrisy 

    It wasn’t so long ago that statements or news conferences by the U.S. president were scrutinized by allies and foes alike due to the ramifications they would...

  • Deadly Trumpitis 

    The United States’ system of electing a president is a long, convoluted affair.

  • Prelude to disaster 

    Syria, with its factions, atrocities and machinations, has drawn an understandable amount of focus from countries regionally and around the word.

  • Corridors of death 

    It’s been well established by now that any Syrian regime advances were only made possible due to massive support it receives from the Russian air force and...

  • Make the hard choices 

    Speaker Nabih Berri, the eternal pragmatist whose optimism has often saved the day, appears to have hit a stone wall, but his resolve hasn’t faltered.

  • Lies and false expectations 

    Contrary to recent reports, MP Michel Aoun will not imminently become Lebanon’s president.

  • Learn from defeat 

    Saturday’s demonstration in Beirut by civil society is intended to highlight many things such as Lebanon’s lack of accountability, poor services and corruption.

  • Your home or your life 

    Just when you think that Aleppo has seen it all – weeks of bloodshed, bombings and crippling siege – a new kind of punishment has befallen the city.

  • Terror spares no religion 

    After an attack as symbolic as that on a church and its priest in a quiet corner of Normandy, it is not surprising, though it is disheartening, to hear the...

  • American paper tiger 

    In the high-stakes game of Middle East diplomacy, it’s advisable to keep your cards close to your chest.

  • Deadly corruption 

    Usually corruption sees individuals or groups benefit themselves at the expense of taxpayers, utilizing illegal means to take advantage of their positions for...

  • Frivolous exercise 

    For decades, in fact ever since the 1950s when the first Arab Summit was held in Egypt and then resumed in the 1960s to eventually become an institution, it...