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  • Callous leadership 

    Just days after Donald Trump was inaugurated as America’s 45th president, he took on as his first task the abolishment of Barack Obama’s legacy and the...

  • Humility, please 

    The majority of Lebanese are citizens whose chief concerns are their family, livelihood and security.

  • National Security 

    U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which brought to a halt Israel’s 2006 war against Lebanon, has regulated life in the south for 11 years and provided...

  • Trampling on hope 

    In an exceptionally cordial atmosphere that’s not unusual with the new occupiers of the White House, President Donald Trump in four lines poured cold water on...

  • On Jan. 31, the Tunisian Parliament lifted an independence-era suffrage ban on the armed and security forces, a contentious decision that had held up the...

    As the civil war in Syria nears the six-year mark, the mounting death toll and constantly shifting military landscape is making a mockery of the diplomatic...

  • U.S. President Donald Trump’s surprisingly restrained reaction to North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test has left many observers wondering what his next...

    Let’s say you are a Trump voter, the kind we often hear about – an honest, hardworking American who put up with Donald Trump’s unusual behavior because you...

  • Free press is a responsibility 

    Since the ’50s Lebanon’s media has suffered attacks.

  • Tribute to Rafik Hariri 

    The bad news for late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s murderers is that their crime might have succeeded in killing the man, but it failed to dim his vision of...

  • Silence is golden 

    It has been the policy of Lebanese politicians from the the highest to the lowest level to avoid or shelve divisive subjects to preserve national unity until...

  • Ambiguous intentions 

    Signals from the White House suggest the administration has started to take a more nuanced approach as far as the Palestine problem is concerned, with Donald...

  • The devil is in the details 

    The impending arrival of a Lebanese state budget for the first time in 12 years has been heralded by a cacophony of trumpets.

  • Declaration of war 

    According to the United Nations, Israel’s legalizing of illegal outposts in the occupied West Bank crossed a “very thick red line.”

  • Embrace the good tidings 

    The visit to Lebanon at this juncture by Saudi Arabia’s Gulf affairs minister carries a bagful of promises and is in fact the fruit of President Michel Aoun’s...

  • Shredder in chief 

    Donald Trump has been president for just over two weeks now, and it has taken just this time for the billionaire property mogul to reveal his utter contempt...

  • Coordinate to rein in Iran 

    It is obvious that U.S. President Donald Trump is locking horns with Iran, and it’s become clear that his brash and incendiary statements on the campaign...

  • Statistics key to relief 

    The Lebanese pride themselves on being the vanguard when it comes to the latest trends, ready to plunge into any risky venture.

  • Sober minds cool vote row 

    Facing the prospect of months of political bickering, the Lebanese are desperate for the vote law debate to meet its Waterloo.

  • A global threat 

    In contemporary history the inaugural address in the U.S. and subsequent decisions herald the opening of new horizons and a new vision that the whole world...

  • Mockery of democracy 

    After seven years of complete failure to come up with a modern, fair and representative electoral law, the quest has turned into a battle for interests where,...

  • Shocking the world 

    In just one week U.S. President Donald Trump has shaken up Washington and the world.

  • Prepare for hostility 

    On Day 1, President Donald Trump used his inauguration speech to declare war on the world and some segments of his own country.

  • The mother of battles 

    President Michel Aoun has confirmed to EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini that parliamentary elections will take place on time.

  • Corruption must cease 

    The 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International, the watchdog that uses data from institutions including the World Bank, the African...

  • Unshackled menace 

    The honeymoon of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump has well and truly begun.

  • Long trek to peace 

    For the Syrian people the Astana peace conference represents a much-needed hope that the conflict in their country can be drawn to a close.

  • Lebanon’s unsung heroes 

    Beirut was spared a catastrophe over the weekend thanks to the alertness of the Internal Security Forces’ Information Branch and military intelligence, which...

  • Trump the gladiator 

    The way Donald Trump meandered onto the terrace at the Capitol could have been a re-enactment of a gladiator entering an arena thousands of years ago, and if...