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  • Deadly schemes 

    At a time when Lebanon needs everyone to go beyond the call of duty to safeguard the nation’s interests, we are instead witnessing the same old games meant to...

  • The pillage of Palestine 

    Whoever said crime doesn’t pay failed to mention that the exception is when you have the Trump administration in your corner.

  • Unjust crackdown 

    The recent crackdowns on undocumented foreign labor in Lebanon which appear to target Syrian and Palestinian refugees are quite worrisome, as they raise...

  • Criminal land theft 

    Israel’s recent moves in the West Bank, which all aim at annexation, expropriation and evictions, have made the purpose of the Bahrain conference very clear.

  • Back to earth 

    In 2016, the Lebanese celebrated the election of a new president with Reform and Change as the promise the country was waiting for.

  • The blight of anarchy 

    There are many absurdities that plague Lebanon, but perhaps one of the more outrageous practices is the blocking of key conduits by burning tires whenever...