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  • Iranian hypocrisy 

    News reports Thursday carried Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s comments at the U.N. defending the brutal bombardment of Syrian rebel areas, urging that any...

  • Theater of the absurd 

    For some the Syrian war is an unintelligible quagmire. In fact, it is a kaleidoscope of massacres, atrocities and war crimes, divided by rivers of blood.

  • Quest for corruption 

    The Lebanese Constitution guarantees the right to protest and does so with clear but fair stipulations on how they are prepared and conducted, asking that...

  • Getting away with murder 

    The Syrian government has the audacity to deny hitting a United Nations aid convoy.

  • In a crunch, close ranks 

    The Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon erupted at a hugely unexpected moment and at a time when the country was already in dire straits.

  • Height of hypocrisy 

    The “accidental” strike by U.S. aircraft on a Syrian base near the hotpot of Deir al-Zor would have drawn a brief apology and been treated as collateral...

  • Delusions of grandeur 

    The Lebanese discovered Friday morning that their greatest concern had been resolved: They would finally have a president.

  • World with blinkers on 

    As conflicting reports emerge about the delivery of aid to besieged Aleppo to break the hunger war that the Assad regime launched with a proven degree of...

  • Suicidal policies 

    Lebanon, unlike other regimes in the region, enjoys a democratic system and Constitution that respects the will of its people.

  • The road to Allah 

    Protesters on the streets of Tehran shouted slogans Friday against Saudi Arabia, including that the kingdom “blocked the road to Allah.”

  • At the mercy of clowns 

    Good News. The Lebanese, who have been besotted with breaking Guinness records from the largest falafel sandwich to the biggest bowl of tabbouleh, can add...

  • Toxic leadership 

    The Syrian war has proven that the international community, and superpowers Russia and the United States in particular, are a bunch of hypocrites lacking any...

  • Sectarian games 

    The Free Patriotic Movement is in the business of hijacking Lebanon’s Christians. Unfortunately, the party does this with great success, in large part thanks...

  • Time to face the truth 

    The invitation for national dialogue sessions over the years has been aimed at reaching an agreement that appeared beyond the grasp of the government or...

  • Mirage of peace 

    For the past month the Americans and Russians have been painting a rosy picture of what’s to be expected regarding the war in Syria and its future.

  • Desperate for approval 

    When it comes to the really important political choices in Lebanon, we’re always fed the same old line.

  • Blackout policy 

    American presidents, whether great or irrelevant, have almost without exception had their administrations riddled with all manner of scandals.

  • Malevolence at the doors 

    The Bekaa tragedy Thursday was a stark reminder of where politicians’ focus and full energy should be exerted instead of their typical mudslinging and...

  • Verbal diarrhea 

    Those Lebanese who are the nostalgic types will fondly remember the good old days of the ’60s, when the charts were topped by Dalida’s “Paroles, paroles.”

  • A culture of anarchy 

    Lebanon has given birth to a new culture that has risen to become a science, rarely experienced anywhere from Ouagadougou to the smallest village in Mongolia.

  • Waiting for a lifetime 

    Rarely in history has there been a nation quite like the Lebanese – better termed, perhaps, as a nation in waiting.

  • Dividing the Syria cake 

    The saga of Daraya is one with so many twists and turns that it qualifies for a history book on the subject alone.

  • Deluded and debased 

    Just when we think the Free Patriotic Movement has exhausted every kind of innuendo, insinuation, misinformation and fabrication, it appears to have developed...

  • Dashed by geopolitics 

    For the past two weeks, following their victory in Manbij and encouraged by a tacit nod from the U.S., the Kurds have clung to the dream that they would take...

  • The Kurdish dream lives 

    As things stand now Daesh (ISIS) will be defeated, sooner or later.