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  • Continuing the vision

    The smooth course of events in Saudi Arabia after the passing of King Abdullah is working to quash speculation, made in some quarters, that the kingdom would...

  • Great loss for Lebanon

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia will be remembered as a friend of Lebanon and a champion of moderation in a turbulent region.

  • Yemen’s surrender

    The word “coup” is being used quite a bit to describe the events underway in Yemen, although “surrender” might be more accurate.

  • Paper tiger in Syria

    In the wake of this weekend’s Israeli strike in the Golan Heights, which killed Hezbollah operatives and an Iranian general, Sunday’s comments by Syria’s...

  • A domestic strategy

    Speculation and commentary continue to swirl in the wake of Sunday’s Israeli strike in the Golan Heights, particularly about the intended targets.

  • Don’t take the bait

    The attack against a Hezbollah convoy in Syria Sunday is typical of Israeli aggression, and likely seeks to serve some domestic political interests.

  • Wrongdoers fear scrutiny

    The uproar from the U.S. and Israel over the International Criminal Court’s announcement that it will investigate possible war crimes by the Jewish state...

  • Biting the benefactor

    Lebanon’s foreign minister has been busy blazing a new trail in diplomacy and policymaking after declaring that his country’s national unity was more...

  • Bluster can backfire

    Amid a flurry of recent Israeli threats against Lebanon, it is understandable that Hezbollah, as the Resistance party, should want to project an image of...

  • Shifting priorities

    Meeting ahead of the resumption of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and U.S. Secretary of State...

  • Faith can fell terror

    Political leaders in Europe have stated explicitly that their countries are confronting extremists and terrorists, and not the religion of Islam.

  • Well done, more needed

    The Lebanese authorities took a long-overdue step Monday to clamp down on the chaos rampant in Roumieh prison’s Block B, after strong links were discovered to...

  • Unity eases Tripoli pain

    Saturday’s cowardly attack on a busy cafe in Tripoli which killed at least nine was clearly an attempt to sow discord in a city slowly recovering from years...

  • Tackle roots of extremism

    With the apparent deaths of the Charlie Hebdo attackers Friday evening, one chapter of this horrific saga has been closed, but the larger battle is far from...

  • Curb Paris fallout

    As France – and the rest of the world – continues to mourn the murder of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper’s offices Wednesday, it is vital that the...

  • No act of faith

    The shooting dead of at least 12 people at the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris Wednesday is a black day in France’s history, and for...

  • Rewriting the rules

    The problem with constitutions in the Arab world is one of direction.

  • Iran’s empty promises

    Having urged an end to Iran’s international isolation, President Rouhani’s courageous words Sunday must now be followed up with genuine commitment to reform...

  • Other roads to Palestine

    While not a big surprise, the failure of a resolution on Palestinian statehood by 2017 at the U.N.

  • Fatah then and now

    The first day of 2015 will mark a half century since the founding of the Palestinian group Fatah, and the contrast between then and now could not be more...

  • Deficient role model

    The U.S. formally ended its military involvement in Afghanistan over the weekend, leaving behind a country mired in graft and a resurgent Taliban.

  • Questionable peacemaker

    Moscow’s push to take center stage as a power-broker for the Syrian conflict might be considered a noble gesture if one ignores almost everything that has and...

  • 365 days of holidays

    Throughout 2014, Lebanon experienced waves of political tension and several alarming episodes of civil strife.

  • Dialogue a template

    The launch of dialogue Tuesday between the Future Movement and Hezbollah has generated hopes that the process will go beyond empty gestures and phrases.

  • Tunisia sets the bar

    The presidential election in Tunisia should be taken as a sign that not everything in this part of the world is generating violence, tension, anger and despair.