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  • Travesty in Paris 

    Though the Paris Middle East conference might look like politics, actually it is tragedy and farce.

  • The devil is in the details 

    The drafting of a new electoral law is being treated by some politicians like a crossword puzzle.

  • Govt turned into workshop 

    Since the government won the confidence of Parliament, it’s obvious that Prime Minister Saad Hariri has replaced the previous Cabinet of bluster,...

  • Dawn breaks over Saudi ties 

    Fresh winds carrying good tidings blanketed Tuesday’s cold spell in Lebanon after the cordial, warm and frank talks between President Michel Aoun and King...

  • Detached from reality 

    All indications suggest that Syria’s dictator is living in a cocoon, unaware of developments on the ground, but every once in a while sticking out his head to...

  • Restoring sterling ties 

    The visits to the Gulf scheduled to start Monday with a trip to Saudi Arabia and later in the week to Qatar by President Michel Aoun, who is heading a strong...

  • The darkest comedy 

    There is a heavy Russian presence in Syria in terms of arms, boots and bases, Iran has thousands of troops and advisers helping regime forces and Turkey is...

  • Breakthrough for Lebanon 

    After several years of bickering, politicking and procrastination, as well as hurdles from every direction, the government has finally set Lebanon’s future...

  • A display of contrasts 

    The legacy of terrorists for 2016 is crystal clear: War against the world that has spared no borders, communities, cultures, religions or political...

  • Maintain the momentum 

    The prevailing image of 2016 is a poor one, and Lebanon is certainly no exception.

  • Shaky path to peace 

    A cease-fire in Syria that saves lives is welcome under any circumstances, especially one that is bolstered by Russia and Turkey acting as guarantors.

  • Too little, too late 

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s parting shot at the Palestinian-Israeli problem in an hourlong impassioned speech focused on the issue in a...

  • A promising vision 

    The mission statement that Prime Minister Saad Hariri gave on behalf of his Cabinet Tuesday was ambitious and covered many issues that the Lebanese are keen...

  • Frightening endgame 

    When Syrian forces advanced into rebel-held east Aleppo, they did so to a cacophony of condemnations and anxieties emanating from the international community.

  • Policy haste paramount 

    Now that Lebanon’s newly minted government has formed a committee to draft a policy statement, haste is of paramount importance.

  • High cost of terrorism 

    In 2016, terrorism has ruled supreme.

  • A Cabinet of promise 

    The Lebanese have expressed a sigh of relief after the formation of the national accord government following strenuous efforts to include representatives from...

  • A friend in need 

    Jordan has been in the crosshairs of Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians, Israelis and all manner of terrorist groups for years.

  • Harbinger of despair 

    The appointment of David Friedman as America’s ambassador to Israel marks the coup de grace for any peaceful and just settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli...

  • Tailor-made ambitions 

    Recent world events have been somber in the extreme, yet one story proves that progress is being achieved somewhere, at least.

  • Assad, the spectator 

    As Syrian forces and their allies regain control over Aleppo, some are hailing what has been called a “victory” for President Bashar Assad.

  • Heinous crime 

    The Security Council met Tuesday to urgently discuss the horrors of Aleppo, yet in some ways it is surprising they found anything to say at all.

  • Fork-tongued U.S. politics 

    In the United States, when new administrations are sworn in, they take the reins of power with a flurry of changes in mind.

  • Hands off Lebanon 

    One would think that Syrian President Bashar Assad would be fully occupied by the quagmire in his country that is all of his own making – one of devastation,...

  • Russia’s parrot 

    Syrian President Bashar Assad must think the public has the memory span of a goldfish when he makes pronouncements to the media.