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  • The jury’s still out 

    The presidency made absolutely certain the table Lebanese political leaders sat around Thursday was not round, so it wouldn’t echo gatherings of the past.

  • Power to the people 

    The issue of Lebanon’s power supply has for years taken a life of its own, residing among the host of other supposed impossibilities and controversies...

  • Less talk, more action 

    Though all the ingredients may be present and the reasons well-established, Lebanon is not in fact witnessing a battle of the sexes.

  • A daily diet of terror 

    Whether we like it or not stories about terrorism are global and part of the daily diet of news.

  • Clarity begets understanding 

    The clashes that erupted Friday between security personnel and a handful of demonstrators in Beirut were an unfortunate reminder of some of Lebanon’s darker...

  • Heroes earn their mantles 

    Now that the nightmare of the electoral law saga is over, it’s time for politicians to wake up, shed their Superman cape, return to being mere mortals and...

  • Dividing the pie 

    The total war seen raging in Syria is in fact drawing to a close.

  • Electoral dawn 

    The curtains of Lebanon’s political theater have been drawn.

  • The best of bad bunch 

    Prime Minister Saad Hariri has won his bet and the attendant at the Grand Serail’s fireplace is poised to send white smoke up the flume today when the...

  • Adding fuel to the flame 

    Under normal circumstances the Gaza Strip is considered a time bomb.

  • Legacy of lawlessness 

    Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to dismantle the U.N. Relief and Works Agency further exposes the ugly face of Israeli policies.

  • Ruinous blunders 

    In the wake of Britain’s elections, Theresa May said in her first statement to CNN, “I’m sorry for those candidates and hard-working party workers who were...

  • A theater of war 

    When Washington struck Syria’s Shayrat air base back in April, the shock of pro-regime forces being targeted by the superpower reverberated around the world.

  • Subverting democracy 

    Elections often hinge on numerous factors, including economy, employment, health care, education and diplomacy.

  • Out of rabbits 

    We have a saying in Arabic that if you throw someone out of the door they will try and come back in through the window.

  • Time for an iron fist 

    Even as on the eve of the summer season the Lebanese government exerts all efforts to create an optimistic atmosphere to draw tourists, “hell-makers” in this...

  • Unity is the best offense 

    London, an open-minded, liberal city, is once again victim to a terrorist attack.

  • Perpetual injustice 

    Next week marks 50 years since the Naksa, or “setback,” and next year will see 70 years since the 1948 Nakba.

  • Lebanon comes first 

    The optimistic atmosphere that has dominated the scene over the past few days has raised the mood of the Lebanese people and started to portray a sober and...

  • Sense of humanity 

    All religions, monotheistic or otherwise, stress the sanctity of life because all life is sacred and natural law does not discriminate between color, gender...

  • Slayer of values 

    Donald Trump was never idle on his first trip abroad as president.

  • Agent provocateur 

    The reputable press in the U.S. has always been a monitor of the accuracy of politicians’ statements, and the number of fact sheets on Donald Trump’s...

  • The flame still burns 

    Saturday’s conclusion of a hunger strike against detention conditions by more than 1,000 Palestinian held in Israeli jails highlighted the Jewish state’s...

  • Terror knows no religion 

    Terrorism has proven yet again that it knows no religion, this time with masked gunmen in three SUVs carrying out a preplanned attack on a bus full of Coptic...

  • Media with blinkers 

    Now that the fanfare of Donald Trump’s trip to the Holy Land is over, and all they have to show for it are moments of entertainment, including Melania’s slap...