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  • Enough is enough 

    There are legal ways to protest in Lebanon.

  • Vote law dilemma 

    As the country braces for May 15, the date by which a new vote law must be agreed upon, the political scene appears increasingly divided.

  • Blind, deaf and dumb 

    For the past few days events have been held across Israel and the world to mark the Holocaust, and remember that unspeakable crime.

  • Enviable commitment 

    The Lebanese today have demonstrated the highest possible level of democracy, but unfortunately the voters were dual-nationality Lebanese who were casting...

  • Heading off the storm 

    A storm was brewing in the wake of Hezbollah’s invitation to the media to tour the south in a clear challenge to the government’s policy of adhering to 1701 –...

  • Ill-timed paralysis 

    In Lebanon there is clear separation between the powers of the presidency, the premiership and Parliament.

  • Mired in arms 

    It is no secret that there are hundreds of thousands of firearms in Lebanon.

  • Playing with fire 

    Lebanon is on a precipice– a serious one, if we are to not mince words – and it is certain politicians that are pushing us there.

  • Pried away from home 

    A demographic change is taking place in Syria, all under the eyes of world and regional powers.

  • Historic reprieve 

    President Michel Aoun has diffused a very explosive situation using his constitutional prerogatives, postponing a controversial parliamentary session at the...

  • Unavoidable bitter pill 

    A characteristic of Lebanese and this part of the world is that people have no respect for time or deadlines, and believe a watch is just an ornament.

  • Hopefully last stretch 

    Lebanon is in dire need of a new electoral law, and on that there is unanimity with no margin for political maneuvering.

  • An ideology of hate 

    The unconscionable attacks on Egyptian churches on Palm Sunday have proved once again that terrorism has no religion.

  • Shot across the bow 

    If anything, the 59 Tomahawk missiles fired at the Syrian regime at U.S. President Donald Trump’s behest were a wake-up call for all involved in Syria.

  • Spinning falsehoods 

    More than 80 people, including at least 27 children, were killed Tuesday by chemical weapons.

  • A ticking bomb 

    “We are all humbled by the contribution and sacrifice of our friends such as Lebanon.

  • Unfettered butchery 

    For six years the stench of blood, death and toxic gas has very clearly pointed at one dictator whose crimes surpass all others today.

  • Unwavering friendship 

    For decades, French governments of every color, with diverse politics and policies, have come and gone. Yet France has never wavered in its support for...

  • Two sides of a coin 

    Prime Minister Saad Hariri is in Europe to meet French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

  • Perpetual land theft 

    For over 100 years the Zionists have violated every international law by grabbing land piecemeal and building hamlets, bolstered by Lord Balfour’s pledge and...

  • No finish line in Syria 

    For centuries scientists and philosophers have been trying to figure out just what it is that women want.

  • A dramatic comeback for Europe 

    The Dutch are famous for building dykes that hold back the tides and storms sweeping across the Atlantic.

  • A voice of reason 

    The Chinese believe it is better to light a candle than to curse the dark, and so does President Michel Aoun, who in his Arab League summit speech lit a flame...

  • United we stand 

    Lebanon is represented at the Arab League summit this week with a unity and presence not seen for many years.

  • Light at end of tunnel 

    For the Lebanese, the tackling and solving of the country’s chronic and scandalous electricity issues would show that Lebanon is finally on the right track.