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  • Disparaged sacrifice 

    He’s done it. Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri has jolted the political scene on every level and drawn attention to the crucial stage Lebanon is passing...

  • Long hard road ahead 

    The penny has finally dropped and politicians are realizing the severity and precarious state of the country, with every political engine working full...

  • High-stakes offensive 

    Finally a decision has been made to vanquish Daesh (ISIS). Since its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a “caliphate” while he stood in Mosul’s Great...

  • The Lebanese remember 

    For three weeks, and in every corner of Lebanon, we have witnessed meticulous preparations for the commemoration of that day, back in 1990, when Gen. Michel...

  • A tonic for the mind 

    Literature has no boundaries, no limits. Its value is that it roams the skies, touching people’s minds, hearts and souls with a lifespan as perennial as grass.

  • Stoking the flames 

    It appears that Iran is intent on proving to the world that it has become a regional superpower, with the Islamic Republic flexing its muscles like never...

  • How to lose your friends 

    It is known that in a few months’ time Barack Obama will be changing his title from president to professor, as he abandons politics for the ivory tower.

  • Road to perdition 

    The facts on the ground prove, beyond a doubt, that the Lebanese Army and the rest of the country’s various security forces are in firm control of security...

  • Marking time in blood 

    As the Security Council met against the backdrop of explosions, rockets and air raids devastating Syria, in addition to words more lethal than bombshells, the...

  • High road on drugs 

    As the season of reaping hashish descends upon us, we are yet again awestruck by the scale of this industry.

  • Warmonger on the loose 

    In recent days the war of words between the U.S. and Russia has soared to new heights, with an unprecedented usage of semantics thought to be deeply buried...

  • No end in sight yet 

    Over nearly six years Syria has seen atrocities, massacres, violation of human rights and the destruction of entire metropolises using the latest, most...

  • An attempt at theater 

    Maronite leaders are rarely on good terms with their patriarch, especially when the church’s head opposes some of their grandiose ideas.

  • What insults dignity 

    The past few days has seen much of Lebanon’s Constitution and the presidential vacuum.

  • America’s glass house 

    The Sept. 11 attackers, whose number included 15 Saudi citizens, were without exception condemned by every country in the Arab world for their merciless and...

  • Media in predicament 

    Journalists in Lebanon have not only contributed to the press in this part of the world, they were in fact the founders and publishers of media outlets nearly...

  • A statesman despite all 

    Nobody doubts that Lebanon sits upon a precipice, suffering from a severe political dilemma resulting in the total paralysis of the country’s tools of...

  • Political poseurs 

    With an audience of 100 million people worldwide and the globe’s very future at stake, it is unsurprising that preparations for the U.S. presidential debate...

  • Russia’s regression 

    The relentless and brutal bombing campaign that the city of Aleppo is currently subjected to could not be possible without the Syrian regime’s Russian partner.

  • Write at your own peril 

    Writers, thinkers and of course journalists remain the helots of our region and the adage that the pen is mightier than the sword has yet to reach our shores,...

  • Iranian hypocrisy 

    News reports Thursday carried Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s comments at the U.N. defending the brutal bombardment of Syrian rebel areas, urging that any...

  • Theater of the absurd 

    For some the Syrian war is an unintelligible quagmire. In fact, it is a kaleidoscope of massacres, atrocities and war crimes, divided by rivers of blood.

  • Quest for corruption 

    The Lebanese Constitution guarantees the right to protest and does so with clear but fair stipulations on how they are prepared and conducted, asking that...

  • Getting away with murder 

    The Syrian government has the audacity to deny hitting a United Nations aid convoy.

  • In a crunch, close ranks 

    The Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon erupted at a hugely unexpected moment and at a time when the country was already in dire straits.