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  • Trivial pursuits 

    The Lebanese government has recently been giving the impression that, because of various pressing issues, it is convening sessions at a faster pace than usual.

  • Justice just a theory 

    According to tradition, justice is blind. And indeed, in many places across the globe this is the case. In the U.S., for example, members of the security...

  • A vision for a future 

    With its Vision 2030 economic plan, Saudi Arabia is truly taking the bull by the horns.

  • High time for peace 

    When it comes to peace in Yemen, there already exists a U.N. Security Council resolution that all the warring parties agreed was suitable for ending the chaos.

  • Hypocritical delusions 

    If U.S. President Barack Obama thought that his trip to Saudi Arabia would ease much of the tension his administration has stirred up with countries in the...

  • Legacy of broken vows 

    The U.S. has labeled President Barack Obama’s fourth visit to Saudi Arabia as a fence-mending trip.

  • Corruption epidemic 

    Lebanon is cursed with an everlasting number of corruption cases and corrupt officials.

  • What cease-fire? 

    As fighting and bombardment rages across Syria once again, we can officially consider that the cessation of hostilities, that much-trumped child of the U.N.,...

  • Much ado about nothing 

    The 25 hours that French President Francois Hollande spent in Lebanon over the weekend were much ado about nothing: the same discussions with same...

  • Arab to the very core 

    While it is true that the Lebanese government attended the 13th annual summit in Istanbul of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation with a strong delegation...

  • Assad won’t go willingly 

    If you listen to U.N. special envoy Staffan de Mistura’s comments about the positive stance he has seen from Moscow, Tehran and Damascus on a transitional...

  • A history of sorts 

    Wednesday saw the 41st anniversary of the outbreak of a war that, according to whom you speak, has several different names.

  • Ain al-Hilweh a ticking bomb 

    The continuing saga of fighting and cease-fires in Ain al-Hilweh would have been a tedious topic were it not tragic and deadly.

  • U.S. jungle of failure 

    U.S. President Barack Obama’s admission of failure regarding Libya is hopefully just the first of many revelations.

  • Building a future 

    King Salman’s trip to Egypt is more than just a visit.

  • Judicial redemption 

    Justice has finally been served in the case of ex-Minister Michel Samaha – better late than never – and this is a positive move for the Lebanese judiciary,...

  • Call a spade a spade 

    The spirit of governance is as essential a component of a country as its constitution and public institutions.

  • Audacious rookie MPs 

    For almost a quarter of a century, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has been the custodian of Lebanese democracy and the guardian of the country’s cherished...

  • A moral initiative 

    The whole of Lebanon is immersed in dirty politics, mud-slinging, sectarian strife and corruption.

  • Playing with a tinderbox 

    The only surprise about the sudden breakout of hostilities between Armenians and Azeris in Nagorno-Karabakh is that it took so long.

  • Stain on the nation 

    It goes without saying that the Internal Security forces should be commended for breaking up the largest sexual slavery ring in the country.

  • The Syrian peacock 

    After months of hibernation, depressed by mounting losses and his movements severely hindered, Syrian President Bashar Assad’s stock has risen dramatically.

  • Circus of the absurd 

    Lebanon, run by leaders who might as well be statues, is a country without an agenda, president, road map, budget and many other factors integral to a normal...

  • This airport won’t fly 

    More than 20 years ago the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri embarked on what he believed to be a project of the utmost importance: the modernization of...

  • Rehabilitation of a dictator 

    It is well known that the Assad dynasty has tied its existence to that of Syria, to the point of publicizing among its lackeys and proxies a change of name to...