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  • Aiding and abetting 

    Over the past six and a half years the people of Syria have been plagued by the United States, Russia and the United Nations – a criminal triumvirate that has...

  • Enough is enough 

    It is a matter of fact that clashes, killings and shootings in Sidon’s Ain al-Hilweh have reached a crescendo – both for the Palestinians inside the camp and...

  • The power of unity 

    In times of crisis societies shed all petty squabbles, politics and recrimination and close ranks, and Lebanon is no exception.

  • Give terror no quarter 

    Spain’s maritime rescue services saved over 600 migrants Thursday who were trying to cross the Mediterranean from Morocco.

  • A graceful gesture 

    Saudi Arabia, in its tradition of magnanimity, has refuted all the venom that has been aimed at its policies, traditions and values.

  • The fight continues 

    Parliament’s abolishment of the heinous penal code Article 522 – better known as the “rape law” – is a milestone for women’s rights in Lebanon.

  • Address the menace 

    Here’s a wake-up call for the Arab world, Africa and Europe: Libya is still a member of the Arab League, African Union and United Nations.

  • Keeping the storms at bay 

    At a time when multiple challenges threaten Lebanon, Prime Minister Saad Hariri has been relentless in his efforts to ward off any damage to the country and...

  • Corruption crackdown 

    Corruption in Lebanon has gone beyond being just a disease and has evolved into a philosophy, an industry that requires a great deal more finesse and...

  • Despair met with apathy 

    Striving for a better life, hundreds of thousands of migrants have risked everything to climb aboard archaic dinghies in search of a home that offers...

  • Renounce the menace 

    It is just days since U.N. Syria investigator Carla del Ponte resigned, bemoaning the regime’s accountability vacuum, and her lament that the situation there...

  • Justice out of balance 

    A country’s worth and reputation lie not in its geography, history, and resources but in an independent judicial system.

  • Unmasking the U.N. 

    The resignation of Carla del Ponte from the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria is the coup de grace for the Security Council’s failings.

  • Failing Palestine 

    With the famed peace process no more than just a distant memory, the Palestinians have been at a crossroads for years, with the Israelis, the Americans, Arab...

  • Get to the root of drugs 

    Over the past few years security forces have uncovered or prevented countless attempts to smuggle millions of Captagon pills, tons of hashish and unspecified...

  • America’s disgrace 

    If President Donald Trump’s advisers are forced to search for clarity after each of his tweets how is the rest of the world supposed to make sense out of the...

  • Arsal not Kandahar 

    In recent years Arsal has suffered immeasurably. Its people have felt neglected, isolated and at the mercy of many groups and organizations.

  • Down with discrimination 

    The Jordanian Parliament’s repeal of the clause that lets rapists walk free if they marry their victims is a victory for women everywhere.

  • An Army of substance 

    Today is a special day for the Lebanese Army.

  • Tact key in Qatar talks 

    Although it has always been clear that the way out of Qatar’s feud with its neighboring countries is dialogue, finally that seems to be on the horizon.

  • White House jettisons grace 

    After World War II – and especially during the turbulent ’50s and ’60s – the whole world waited anxiously to hear what the person behind the lectern would say...

  • A czarist menace 

    The czars of Russia dreamed for centuries about getting a foothold in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Chance to bounce back 

    After many years finally come some good tidings from Libya.

  • Unconditional, timely support 

    The U.S. has the utmost confidence in the Lebanese Army and its performance: That was the message Tuesday from the highest echelons of the White House,...

  • Time to come home 

    Developments on the ground near Arsal suggest the campaign to expel militants from the town’s outskirts will succeed sooner rather than later.