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  • Legacy of strategic flops 

    Barack Obama is racing against time as he searches for a legacy in the ashes of gaffes and failures that not only characterize his presidency but which he has...

  • Bear’s forked tongue 

    On the face of it the Russia-Gulf Cooperation Council conference in Moscow Thursday was a meeting of minds.

  • Forget about tsunamis 

    Now, after results from three sets of municipal elections have rolled in, one thing is certainly clear: the word “tsunami” must be struck from the Lebanese...

  • Men of good will 

    Relations between Islam and Christianity have throughout history had periods of peaceful coexistence and others marred by differences.

  • U.S. change of tack? 

    The secret to visit to Syria by Gen. Joseph Votel, commanding general of U.S. Central Command, warrants several interpretations and messages at this critical...

  • Warmonger in charge 

    With Avigdor Lieberman due to become Israel’s new defense minister, the Israelis have labeled the next government as the most right wing in Israel’s history.

  • Beware the Kardashian 

    Steeped in a centuries-old legacy of cultural, social and scientific innovation, Iran and the Persian Empire before it has a history of making an indelible...

  • A prudent game plan 

    After two years of political bickering over polls and outrageous interpretations of the Constitution that reached a deadlock, the maestro has stepped in and...

  • Reputation at stake 

    When it comes to the U.S. Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act there are no two ways about it, and Lebanon must comply in the fullest.

  • Rebels with a cause 

    Sunday’s elections in Mount Lebanon created new facts on the ground, and the classic dynamics found in municipal and Lebanese politics suddenly became...

  • Bloodshed for dignity 

    Israel, 68 years after the Nakba, has, to its own surprise, failed to achieve one of its most valued goals: crushing the spirit of the Palestinian people and...

  • Welcome to bottomland 

    Sound the trumpets! Progress in the Arab world has been announced.

  • Time for reflection 

    The first round of elections is behind us, the fanfare is over and, despite the temptations, now is not the time to throw accusations to justify the results.

  • Lethal threat to peace 


  • Time for action 

    The first stage of May’s votes is behind us, and it has quenched the Lebanese’s thirst for expressing the aspirations they hope to realize.

  • Thirst for democracy 

    As the polls shut Sunday evening one thing was clear: the Lebanese have proved in most areas that they retain their thirst for democracy and the right to...

  • Futile endeavor 

    Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil’s speech today was certainly noticeable, and not only for the way he exhausted every adjective and superlative when talking...

  • Time to get involved 

    Thanks to the constant moaning about certain politicians who call the shots and make promises that will never be kept, the streets of Lebanon are never silent.

  • A vote for futility 

    With Parliament in dire need of elections after two postponements, politicians met Tuesday in a first step toward creating a draft electoral law.

  • Weaponized language 

    The Syrian regime has already mastered brutality with innovations like mass killings using barrel bombs and whatnot, but it is now venturing into...

  • Scorched earth tactic 

    At a time when Damascus is accusing the opposition of breaking the controversial cease-fire that never was except on paper, the Syrian regime has increased...

  • Trivial pursuits 

    The Lebanese government has recently been giving the impression that, because of various pressing issues, it is convening sessions at a faster pace than usual.

  • Justice just a theory 

    According to tradition, justice is blind. And indeed, in many places across the globe this is the case. In the U.S., for example, members of the security...

  • A vision for a future 

    With its Vision 2030 economic plan, Saudi Arabia is truly taking the bull by the horns.

  • High time for peace 

    When it comes to peace in Yemen, there already exists a U.N. Security Council resolution that all the warring parties agreed was suitable for ending the chaos.