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  • Terror spares no religion 

    After an attack as symbolic as that on a church and its priest in a quiet corner of Normandy, it is not surprising, though it is disheartening, to hear the...

  • American paper tiger 

    In the high-stakes game of Middle East diplomacy, it’s advisable to keep your cards close to your chest.

  • Deadly corruption 

    Usually corruption sees individuals or groups benefit themselves at the expense of taxpayers, utilizing illegal means to take advantage of their positions for...

  • Frivolous exercise 

    For decades, in fact ever since the 1950s when the first Arab Summit was held in Egypt and then resumed in the 1960s to eventually become an institution, it...

  • Floundering committees 

    In Lebanon a crisis is never far away, and Thursday the Lebanese woke up to the latest hysterical headlines: Qaraoun Lake is dead.

  • Threat worse than terror 

    Party conventions in the United States have always been a circus, serving up the entertainment every four years.

  • Healthy initiative 

    For too long the Lebanese have lived without any good news coming from the halls of the Grand Serail.

  • No sense of timing 

    In most normal countries, whether they are democratic, autocratic or theocratic, everything from serious events such as elections and sessions of government...

  • Erdogan at a crossroads 

    From the moment that Turkey’s coup foundered, Turkish politicians have been stressing that it’s business as usual.

  • Nice signals need for unity 

    The massacre along Nice’s Promenade des Anglais is nothing less than a crime against humanity.

  • Real-life saga of duplicity 

    All the plots in all the volumes that were written by Shakespeare can’t hold a candle to what the U.S. and Russia are plotting in this part of the world,...

  • Break from doing nothing 

    For more than two years Parliament has come together in over 40 meetings in order to “elect a president.” Yet everybody, from the Beiruti service driver to...

  • Uplifting acclaim 

    Blow the trumpets and light up the skies with fireworks: We have a rare bit of good news about Beirut as it was rated No. 12 among the world’s best cities, on...

  • Body of ineptitude 

    This week South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, should be celebrating its fifth birthday.

  • Seize the opportunity 

    If a bright side can be found in Lebanon’s political deadlock, it is that the country’s international friends have demonstrated enormous patience, far more,...

  • Blair should pay for crimes 

    The Iraq War was one waged by two men: George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

  • Confront terror roots 

    Over the past month terror has struck across the globe. Malaysia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Lebanon are just a few of the countries affected by the...

  • Paradise for comedians 

    Syria is now a virtual country, with Bashar Assad acting as a virtual president.

  • Glimmer of wisdom 

    When it comes to the most important matters in life, “better late than never” is often the rule of thumb.

  • Trust Army not rumors 

    Beirut is awash in rumors, innuendoes and fabrications regarding the security situation and deadly conspiracies.

  • Daesh is a global scourge 

    The atrocities committed by Daesh over the past few weeks, on nearly every continent, have once more underscored the fact that this terrorist organization is...

  • Reckless opportunists 

    Barely had the smoke cleared following the deadly tragedy that struck Lebanon Monday and the circus was back in town, creating fear by indulging in...

  • In Daesh’s crosshairs 

    After the attacks in Al-Qaa, which left several Lebanese dead, it is clear that Lebanon is still in Daesh’s (ISIS) crosshairs. And as the militant group comes...

  • Brexit: Can Britain fix it? 

    For the United Kingdom’s Brexiteers the party’s over

  • A win for the terrorists too 

    There are winners and there are losers in Britain’s decision to exit the European Union.