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  • War of depopulation 

    The events of Monday Feb. 8, 2016, will not be remembered as great landmarks in the Syrian crisis, but they are worth exploring nonetheless.

  • Plaguing the country 

    Unlike some recently pandemic-hit parts of the world, for many decades now Lebanon has been spared the horrors of plague.

  • What democracy? 

    When it comes to the presidential election, Lebanon’s main political parties have been treating the race to Baabda Palace as if it were the Kentucky Derby.

  • Alleviating symptoms 

    With the news that $10 billion has been pledged by nations to ease the spiraling Syrian refugee crisis, countries such as Lebanon have been handed a vital...

  • A strategy of poison 

    Before the United Nations-sponsored Syria peace talks in Geneva kicked off this week, doubts and fears shrouded the initiative.

  • Victims in line of duty 

    After lie upon lie and infinite broken promises, Civil Defense volunteers snapped with rage Tuesday, as the Cabinet’s latest meeting produced no agreement to...

  • Complicit in silence 

    Every day we hear news of hardships and dire conditions suffered by tens of thousands of besieged Syrians. Now, reports posted by Foreignpolicy.com claim the...

  • Bereft of humanity 

    It has become increasingly clear that three of the parties gathering in Geneva could not be less inclined to find a way out of Syria’s quagmire.

  • Raptors hold off Pistons to stretch record streak to 11 wins

    DeMar DeRozan scored 29 points as the Toronto Raptors held off a late charge by the Detroit Pistons to improve their franchise-record winning streak to 11...

  • Our right to know 

    Lebanese reading the news of battles between Daesh (ISIS) and the Nusra Front in Lebanon’s region of Qalamoun can be forgiven for being confused.

  • Lebanon marking time 

    Cyprus today is basking in good tidings. The island, Greece and Israel have decided to form a committee to study plans for a gas pipeline between the Jewish...

  • Delusions of grandeur_322816_ 

    For years, Iran under the sanctions has been behaving like a persecuted underdog, playing the victim of U.S. policies.

  • Explosive cutbacks 

    In the face of mass expulsion from their homeland, Palestinian refugees have relied upon UNRWA daily, since its creation in the early ’50s.

  • Dubious friendship 

    U.N. envoy Staffan de Mistura has announced that Syria talks will start Friday, and he is keen to see negotiations be as inclusive as possible, while securing...

  • Shuffling the cards, again 

    As part of their surprising rapprochement, Gen. Michel Aoun and Samir Geagea have been projecting an image that combined the two represent the majority of...

  • A politician gone rogue 

    Although troubling in this restive period, the plummeting of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran this month has produced one fine thing: Arab consensus.

  • Shameless criminality 

    Israelis in the past used to confiscate land under numerous guises, which included the expansion of settlements and redrawing borders, etc. Now they don’t...

  • Diplomatic charade 

    A Zurich hotel was graced by high-level U.S.-Russian talks Wednesday in an effort to ease the path to Syrian peace talks earmarked for Jan. 25. There is,...

  • Justice on a whim 

    The outcry that followed Michel Samaha’s release, rather than subsiding, as many expected, is reaching new crescendos especially after the Lebanese have been...

  • Words are seldom enough 

    Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea’s endorsement of Free Patriotic Movement chief Michel Aoun as president Monday was a milestone on two levels: one for...

  • Returning to the fold 

    The lifting of sanctions on Iran Sunday was a historic moment for the region and for the world.

  • Tip of the iceberg 

    When the images of Madaya’s starving population hit the newsstands two weeks ago, the world came face to face with the horrors and crimes of the Syrian regime.

  • Lessons from a travesty 

    It has been said before that justice in Lebanon is a matter of opinion.

  • Garbage Games 

    The mystery series entitled “The Trash Saga” has topped the charts in Lebanon for months, with a changing cast and shifting scenarios, at a cost that equals...

  • Returning from the cold 

    After decades playing the West’s bogeyman, the Soviet Union’s sudden collapse left Russia subject to cynicism and humiliation from its former Cold War enemies.