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  • Legalizing crime 

    Today we have more NGOs, awareness and activism geared toward gender equality and women’s rights than ever before.

  • Invitation to hell 

    Caretaker Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil’s tour of Latin America and the Caribbean is accompanied by so much fanfare that he is almost treated as a latter-day...

  • Don’t wait for Godot 

    By definition, a country’s Cabinet should be a team of qualified people with expertise relevant to the portfolios they are assigned to, all of whom work as...

  • A new page for Cuba 

    Fidel Castro was the last of the 20th century’s legends, who molded the era in their image.

  • Unwelcome evil 

    A newspaper Friday kindly informed us that former President Emile Lahoud is still alive and swimming.

  • U.N. needs accountability 

    Staffan de Mistura, the United Nations envoy to Syria, is the personification of the U.N.’s failures and inadequacies.

  • Trump’s ignorance 

    Ten presidents of the United States have promised to find a peaceful settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis. All have failed, with many wars and...

  • New leaf, new hope 

    On the eve of Independence Day good tidings arrived like a breath of fresh air, as Saudi envoy Prince Khaled al-Faisal visited Lebanon.

  • Militias with an excuse 

    Once again the atmosphere of the ’60s and ’70s is in the air.

  • The threat of triumph 

    Ghosts of the ’70s seem to be creeping back onto the political scene, threatening the atmosphere of reconciliation in the country and the promise of recovery.

  • Time for statesmen 

    At a time when Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri has been trying to brave the minefield of forming a new consensus government as quickly as possible,...

  • Enamored by semantics 

    It’s a pity the Oxford Dictionaries do not observe Lebanese semantics; otherwise, instead of naming “post-truth,” a virtual condition, as their word of the...

  • Putin’s grand finale 

    If there was any confusion about the Russian involvement in Syria’s war and President Vladimir Putin’s true intentions, now there should be none.

  • Democracy or parody? 

    The discussion over a new electoral law witnessed over the past eight years has in its circularity and endless length resembled the tales of Scheherazade over...

  • Sinister ‘liberation’ 

    A war crime has been underway gradually in Iraq since 2003 when hundreds of thousands of Syriacs and Christians were forced out of the country they had lived...

  • A hawkish administration 

    The whole world, as well as the many millions that voted for Hillary Clinton, are eager to find out if Donald Trump the president will be the same as Donald...

  • Government needed soon 

    Lebanon’s politics, economy, future and expectations are all in standby mode, waiting for the birth of a Cabinet to be formed by premier-designate Saad...

  • Worrisome rhetoric 

    The curtain has fallen on the circus that was the U.S. elections. America has exercised its democracy and accepted the results.

  • Provocative rhetoric 

    The international elation at the election of a Lebanese president was proven by statements and support that flooded in from near and far.

  • History in the making 

    Regardless who wins the U.S. election, it has been the most controversial, unpredictable and, at times, stomach-churning campaign ever.

  • Great expectations 

    Recent days have been a period for people to express their support for President Michel Aoun and rejoice the recovery of the presidency.

  • Tarnished beacon 

    For decades the United States of America was a beacon of democracy, compassion and inspiration.

  • A race against time 

    Time, they say, is gold. But here in Lebanon, it’s platinum.

  • Confidence in Hariri’s quest 

    The overwhelming support we are witnessing for the nomination of Saad Hariri to the role of prime minister-designate means two things.

  • Grasp the offered hand 

    The prevailing joy over the past couple of days due to the election of a president was justified considering that Lebanon had been without a head of state for...