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  • A festering contagion 

    Friday was indeed one of New Zealand’s “darkest days,” as the country’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said gravely.

  • Disturbing priorities 

    Things in Lebanon never proceed in a manner that prioritizes national interests, or even one that follows a logical sequence.

  • Ravaged landscape 

    Environment Minister Fadi Jreissati affirmed Sunday that he would protect all 15 of Lebanon’s nature reserves.

  • Enough talk time to drill 

    Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, has issued the latest warning against encroaching on Lebanon’s potential maritime resources, as preparations begin for a gas...

  • A tale of two despots 

    It was 1974, and Abdelaziz Bouteflika was foreign minister of Algeria.

  • Missing the point 

    U.S. envoys charged with finding a solution to the Israel-Palestine problem have come and gone, yet one thing has remained the same: Their outlook has always...

  • Corruption must end 

    It seems that no matter how things develop in Lebanon, the scent of corruption has been a tenaciously constant theme that consistently plagues the...

  • Stick to the script 

    A night at the theater can be a pleasant affair. Everybody likes a good performance, with entertainers, scenery changes and maybe a few musical numbers.

  • Love will prevail 

    At long last, the idea of giving Lebanese couples the option of civil marriage - a move we fully and wholeheartedly support - is being discussed.

  • A living legacy 

    As we mark the passing of 14 years since Lebanon tragically lost one of its greatest statesmen in the most heinous manner, we can’t help but recognize that...

  • Focus on reforms 

    For months politicians have complained about the absence of a platform to air their views and grievances.

  • A promise of peace 

    The fact that Pope Francis chose this moment in history to embark on the first-ever visit by any pontiff to the Arabian Peninsula is weighty, especially as in...

  • Unwavering resolve 

    The U.S. announced Friday that USAID assistance to the occupied West Bank and Gaza had ceased, after a change in U.S. legislation that the Palestinian...

  • Time to get moving 

    At long last we have a new Cabinet and a promise of good tidings.