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  • EU coal in Israel’s sock

    The bad news for Israel keeps on coming, and judging by the reactions of Israeli and U.S. politicians, more is yet to come.

  • Losing moral high ground

    Iran has influence in Arab states, stretching from Yemen to Lebanon.

  • Singled out for vilification

    Despite nothing being known about the Sydney hostage-taker Monday apart from the fact a flag of the shahada had been seen, media and spectators around the...

  • U.S. credibility on the line

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Rome Sunday ahead of talks on the Middle East peace process, or what is left of it.

  • Sacrifice for Lebanon

    While international envoys and leaders seem to be falling over themselves to help usher in an end to the presidential vacuum here, Lebanese politicians...

  • Torturous report

    At neither the government nor street level in the Middle East has the report into the CIA’s detention and interrogation techniques – “torture” by any other...

  • Murderous accuser

    While it has become all too clear that in the eyes of Israel and the wider world Palestinian blood is not worth the same as the blood of others, Wednesday’s...

  • Mouthpiece for jihadis

    The question of who should mediate the standoff between Lebanon and jihadi kidnappers on the Syrian border saw a step in the right direction this week, when...

  • Emperor has no clothes

    Syrian officialdom is busy complaining that Israel violated its sovereignty during Sunday night’s airstrikes. But officials fail to realize Syria lost control...

  • A crisis cell in crisis

    The Lebanese government’s ongoing saga with the captors of 26 military and security personnel took a tragic turn late Friday when the Nusra Front executed a...

  • Russia’s regional role

    The recent Russian movement in the region speaks not only of Putin’s desire to reassert Kremlin’s position in the area, but of U.S. failings here.

  • A confused negotiation

    Rightfully topping Thursday’s Cabinet agenda was the hostage crisis, which is now in its fourth month.

  • ISIS war fails to impress

    As the anti-ISIS coalition – which includes over 60 countries – meets in Brussels, it is worth considering what exactly it has achieved.

  • A regime reassured

    The message from the world to Syrian President Bashar Assad has never been clearer: Proceed with all of the violence against your people that your regime can...

  • State of impunity

    The revelation by Iraq’s prime minister that 50,000 “ghost soldiers” were on the payroll is a bombshell announcement – perhaps the only question is whether or...

  • Stop political maneuvering

    Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri took the courageous move last week of reiterating his desire to end Lebanon’s political paralysis by voicing support for...