More Editorials

  • Murder most foul 

    There appears to be no end to the torrential rivers of blood flowing across Syria.

  • Egypt’s MIA answers 

    Details emerging of the massacre of more than 50 Egyptian police in an apparent ambush southwest of Cairo over the weekend raise more questions than provide...

  • MPs only in name 

    In principle, members of Parliament in a democracy are elected to represent the aspirations and welfare of their constituents.

  • Spare the economy 

    The Lebanese economy is a shambles and has been in intensive care for some time, though all hope is not lost.

  • Lessons in history 

    A bit of history to refresh the minds of those apparently still living with the dinosaurs:

  • Disturbing the peace 

    Since the creation of Lebanon, and later its independence, Christians have constituted a key component of the country’s fabric in all areas.

  • Advancing Lebanon cause 

    In a series of high-level international visits over recent months, Prime Minister Saad Hariri has championed the cause of Lebanon globally.

  • National treasure 

    For the Lebanese, the selection of Riad Salameh as one of the world’s nine best central bank governors by Global Finance Magazine comes as a point of pride.

  • Murky as crude oil 

    One would have thought that the oil and gas wealth that Lebanon is blessed with was a treasure owned by the Lebanese and its future generations that would...

  • A break in the clouds 

    It goes without saying that news of the accord between the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas movements should have emerged a decade ago, but now that it has come...

  • Suicide not an option 

    The U.S. government’s move to intensify measures against Hezbollah by exerting pressure on the Lebanese government and military to take steps against the...

  • All life is precious 

    “If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans,” James Herriot wrote in “All...

  • Virtual graft fight 

    When the Lebanese learned that the new government would include a minister of state for combating corruption, there was much celebration, with fireworks...

  • Blinkered mapmakers 

    In the midst of the North Korean standoff, the Iran nuclear deal debate, the Las Vegas massacre, several natural disasters and several other pressing...

  • Stain on excellence 

    Lebanon boasts generations of senior officers in its various security forces.

  • Promising horizons 

    Saudi King Salman’s landmark visit to Russia has definitely opened new horizons in the troubled Middle East situation.