The Daily Star has become the leading online content provider of news and information by producing, disseminating and syndicating news that accurately reflects the political, economic, cultural and social realities of Lebanon and the Middle East and North Africa , with some emphasis on economic and financial coverage and policy analysis.

The Daily Star has developed a premier worldwide news and information resource for those seeking local, accurate, unbiased reports, business updates and analysis, all located in one place, accessible to the entire world on the paper's web site at

The Company's extensive mine of content and information has already attracted a wide range of users and clients across the region who have engaged the Company in contractual agreements for the content produced through our news service. Companies like Reuters, Zawya and several others continue to rely on the company's services to meet their daily content requirements.


Currently, the Company has contracted with over 200 contributors from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States who produces scores of articles on everything related to the Middle East from politics and technology to culture and sports.

The Daily Star's network of reporters produces original and exclusive reports, interviews, features and commentaries 365 days a year.

The extensive general news offerings on The Daily Star newswire - both exclusive and stories by news agencies around the region - provide depth, daily draw, and institutional credibility. Financial reporting and market information serve as value-added content. In addition, daily sports, books reviews, music and culture stories, features, discussion and commentary, broadens the reach of The Daily Star.

Our editors and news specialists receive a steady stream of news and information from the Middle East via the Internet sent by our local publishers and our network of reporters. This news content goes through a two part editorial process. First, the received raw news content is reviewed and then processed by our editors and news coordinators to make it conform to our technical specifications. Secondly, the news content is then packaged into the various formats we provide making it ready for delivery to our various clients.

In addition to covering all 22 countries in the MENA region our local partners and network of reporters provide us with daily, real time news covering the latest breaking events across the region.


Online news providers and web site operators wishing to incorporate news content from The Daily Star can take advantage of one of the following plans:

Co-branded news content - Full feed

Clients wishing to use and post news content from The Daily Star may subscribe to receive our daily news feeds for a low monthly fee. These feeds are transmitted several times through out the day, six days a week. Average number of stories per day is around 40.

Individual topical feeds

The Daily Star also provides individual feeds tailored to meet the needs of different clients world wide. We currently provide separate feeds for the following categories or topics with more to come soon:

Topical Categories

Regional Coverage

Business Coverage

Health & Medicine
Arts & Entertainment
Gender & Women Issues
Science & Technology
Education & Culture
Religion & Society
Media & Communication
Environment Issues
U.S. & Middle East
General Sports
Soccer News
Book Reviews
Arab-American News
Human Rights Issues

North Africa
Kurdistan Plateau
World New

Business & Finance
Country Specific Financial News


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