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  • May sets out transition plan

    Prime Minister Theresa May set out a plan Friday to retain full access to the EU’s single market for two years after Brexit to reassure business and reset the...

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  • Legislative imbalance 

    Lebanese politicians have again demonstrated that their approach to the Constitution is little different from consulting Wikipedia.

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  • Spain to deploy extra police in Catalonia

    Spain will deploy police reinforcements to Catalonia to help maintain order if an independence referendum pledged by Catalan officials but opposed by the...

  • L’Oreal heiress dies age 94

    Liliane Bettencourt, the L’Oreal cosmetics heiress and the world’s richest woman, has died at her home in a chic Parisian suburb. She was 94.

  • Nepal to measure Everest next year

    Nepal will measure Mount Everest afresh to settle a controversy over height of the world’s tallest peak, especially after some estimates suggested it became a...

  • Macron enacts contested labor reforms

    French President Emmanuel Macron Friday signed sweeping changes to France’s complex labor code into law, ramming through a landmark reform four months into...

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  • Late Zappa back on tour as hologram

    Experimental rocker Frank Zappa, prolific in his life and even in death through a string of posthumous releases, is heading back on tour as a hologram.

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  • Rossi completes Aragon free practice

    Motorcycling legend Valentino Rossi completed two practice sessions Friday for the Aragon Grand Prix, a mere 21 days after surgery on a double leg fracture...

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