BEIRUT: Bekaa Free Patriotic Movement MP Michel Daher Friday held a news conference, responding to a statement released by Electricity de Zahle after the MP complained of high electricity bills.

Electricite de Zahle, a private electricity operator and provider whose franchise expires at the end of 2018, provides 24/7 electricity to Zahle.

Daher, who generates electricity for his home in Zahle from his own generators, complained about the price hikes, after presenting his energy bills and comparing the numbers.

The presentation came in response to EDZ’s statement accusing Daher of misleading the public. In the statement, EDZ disclosed that Daher’s electricity consumption was 20 times that of the average home, and that it was “higher than any house subscribed to EDZ.”

The statement said Daher had “used fictional numbers,” and claimed the price of a kilowatt-hour was LL600, while the correct pricing was LL358.

EDZ also claimed they helped their subscribers “save 40 percent of what they used to pay to private generator [operators],” and hinted at ulterior motives, saying Daher’s “campaign” was timed “suspiciously.”

During the news conference, Daher denied having intentions to sell subscriptions for electricity produced by his own generators.

“I promise people that I will not control the electricity sector in Zahle, and it is not my intention,” Daher said. “I am just an MP representing the people.”

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