• The Iran deal and dilemma 

    Draconian sanctions, the erroneous downing of the Ukrainian civilian aircraft and the targeting of a leading commander and nuclear scientists inside Iran in...

  • Biden may not have a choice on Iran 

    In the absence of any major surprising event, Iran is expected to be the first major crisis to face the upcoming Biden administration early next year.

  • Time to get your act together 

    Over a year ago brave young Lebanese took to the streets in protest against the government’s corruption and incompetence, but a wily and entrenched political...

  • Biden and US foreign policy 

    From now until Jan. 20, 2021,when President-elect Joe Biden takes over, a lot of things could still happen.

  • In late July, via video conference, I visited Lebanon virtually. I was struck by the huge potential of Lebanon’s people, but also the great need for serious...

    Our recent experience with COVID-19 and the word “lockdown” once again illustrates the power of language to influence our lives and well-being.