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  • Fight terror unfettered 

    As a people whose own region has long been the victim of terrorism, we can’t but condemn in the strongest manner the bombing attack that struck Manchester and...

  • Enough reruns 

    In using terms such as historic, milestone and message of peace to describe his visit to the Holy Land, Donald Trump is hardly inventing the wheel.

  • Writing on the wall 

    The message emanating from the summits held in Riyadh over the past two days – echoed by U.S. President Donald Trump in his speech Sunday – was that Iran,...

  • Legacy of negativity 

    Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil is welcome indeed to study the careers of some of the world’s most famous politicians and diplomats. Unfortunately, however, he...

  • Cause for celebration 

    A couple of days ago a government decree announced that Nov. 4 would henceforth be known as Lebanese Women’s Day, but it failed to mention what exactly women...

  • Height of absurdity 

    As far as Middle East peace is concerned, it has become very clear that the United States’ policy toward Israel/Palestine is to not have a policy.

  • A message of harmony 

    The Religious Cultural Tourism Project launched Tuesday by Prime Minister Saad Hariri is a rare example of a scheme that reveals Lebanon’s finest face and is...

  • Rafik Hariri’s living legacy 

    Misinformation, political takedowns and refusing to give credit where it’s due have become characteristics of Lebanese politics from top to bottom.

  • 69 years of suffering 

    The well-traveled historian and Middle East expert Scott Anderson in his new book “Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart” writes, “In my professional...

  • A break in the clouds 

    It’s been a busy couple of days for Lebanon, which Thursday and Friday witnessed an encouraging flurry of activity that has lit up a darkening picture.

  • Resistance by salt and water 

    Since 1948 Palestinians have exhausted every means of resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestine and that probably has kept the issue the Middle East’s...

  • Let the screen go black 

    One would think that at a time when Lebanon is facing major monetary challenges and needs to focus on priorities badly needed by the populace, officials would...

  • Light in face of adversity 

    The country is awash with statements, propositions and promises sounding out from politicians with a clamor as if from a hollow drum.

  • Al-Moallem show 

    It’s easy to forget him, but from time to time Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem emerges from his cave to prove to the world that he is still alive and...

  • The mighty have fallen 

    On May 6, 1916, a number of journalists from different Lebanese sects who dared to seek Lebanese independence were hanged by the Ottoman Empire in what at the...

  • Trump is hurting America’s friends abroad 

    There has been much focus on Donald Trump’s erratic foreign policy – the outlandish positions, the many flip-flops, the mistakes.

  • Democracy role model 

    For many French the belief is that the choice in Sunday’s presidential election is between the plague and cholera. But such is not the case, because that...

  • Give them cause to stay 

    Gathering more than 1,500 people representing the more than 10 million Lebanese in the diaspora is a colossal feat and should be lauded.

  • Relief from carnage 

    In just two days three major players on the Syrian scene have expressed agreement on a subject that could be key in moving the country away from violence:...

  • Press and repression 

    Wednesday is World Press Freedom Day, an occasion that in recent years has been marked by the most mundane of platitudes and routine statements.

  • Remember the workers 

    Monday is Labor Day, an occasion to reward and acknowledge the working man and woman.

  • A messenger of peace 

    The message Pope Francis conveyed in addressing the ills of religious extremism and terror during his visit to Egypt resonated not only in the Arab world’s...

  • A quagmire of death 

    The quagmire of violence in Syria intensifies by the day.

  • Enough is enough 

    There are legal ways to protest in Lebanon.

  • Vote law dilemma 

    As the country braces for May 15, the date by which a new vote law must be agreed upon, the political scene appears increasingly divided.