More Editorials

  • Dangerous mindset 

    The latest footage coming out of Sidon’s Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian camp says it all.

  • Reprehensible act of terror 

    One cannot but condemn Wednesday’s attack in Westminster, the heart of London.

  • The Syrian cauldron 

    Two things were made clear by the U.S. exploits in Syria Wednesday.

  • A solution fair for all 

    When future generations study Lebanese history, they will have to pick through the 100 different suggestions for an electoral law that vary from the sectarian...

  • Transparency wins the day 

    For some 25 years corruption has flourished in Lebanon, thanks mostly to the Syrian occupation and its lackeys who milked the country mercilessly in ways that...

  • Democracy undermined 

    Demonstrations represent the highest form of democratic exercise, whether in protest, celebration or any of a plethora of other reasons.

  • Unmasking of the U.N. 

    The United Nations, by its very nature and founding principles, should be a neutral, objective body that promotes equality and human rights worldwide.

  • A comedy of the absurd 

    Thursday’s Parliament session, with the intended goal of looking into proposed taxes, morphed into a comedy of the absurd the likes of which this institution...

  • The world sees no evil 

    It took the Lebanese 100 years to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records with their world’s largest tabbouleh finally being acknowledged for the wonder...

  • A menace to society 

    When two Lebanese drivers vie for right of way, or even the same parking spot, the outcome is sometimes decided by Smith & Wesson.

  • Reinventing the wheel 

    Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil’s new proposal for an election law, by his own admission, picks and chooses from the 74 other drafts.

  • Humility is in order 

    Lebanon is simmering with tension. This is partly due to the security situation, which thankfully is being kept under control.

  • Time for gun control 

    The past week or so has seen violence in the north, clashes in Ain al-Hilweh and now another deadly flare-up in Burj al-Barajneh, which leaves the country...

  • Chameleon czar indeed 

    The facts on the ground, as far as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s role is concerned, are as following.

  • Filling the vacuum 

    Wednesday saw a promising and vital measure unanimously adopted by the Cabinet: appointments to top positions.

  • Call to act on energy 

    The energy road map announced by the most senior government executive in the country, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, at an oil and gas forum Tuesday is music to...

  • Testing rule of law 

    For some time certain politicians have used the parliamentary elections to call for a general amnesty for wanted criminals.

  • The Libyan tragedy 

    One would have expected that when the rule of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi ended, a new dawn would break upon Libya.

  • Keeping one’s word 

    State budgets are a reflection of a government’s commitments and its wisdom of governance.

  • The noose tightens 

    Syrian opposition negotiator Bassma Kodmani bemoaned Thursday that chances of a breakthrough in the Geneva talks were “very dim.”

  • Incorrigible oppressor 

    Israel could easily enter the Guinness Book of Records for accusations ranging from human rights violations, crimes against humanity, occupation, land grabs...

  • Overdue equality 

    Amid the many dark developments, and the confusion and frustration of reforming Lebanese institutions, comes a breath of fresh air with the formation of the...

  • The Assad question 

    In terms of progress and substance, Geneva IV may as well be Geneva I, II or III, and unless the Syrian regime changes its attitude, Geneva V, VI and VII will...

  • Cauldron of dissidents 

    The Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp has been described as a hotspot when in fact it’s an explosive cauldron of fire waiting to turn into a conflagration of...

  • An opponent, not an enemy 

    Though sports may divide into teams and promote competition, it unifies like little else.