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  • Constitution cast in stone 

    A country’s constitution is an inherent part of its identity and the foundation on which a nation is built.

  • Untimely acrobatics 

    In the absence of tweets in the Middle East skies, communications have been accomplished by loud and clear tools.

  • Fodder for violence 

    Mesopotamia from the beginning of time has been fertile ground for controversy, fire, fury and persecution.

  • Palestinian unity dawns 

    Palestinians Sunday were reveling in some good news, something they have not had for a very long time. In Gaza, Ramallah and the diaspora, they welcomed the...

  • Searching for safety 

    The news that emerged from the Kazakh capital regarding de-escalation in Syria’s rebel-held areas is certainly welcome.

  • A cause for concern 

    Iraqi Kurdistan can be described as just one entity among a number of ethnic ambitions that have marred this region’s history for a century, with Israel the...

  • Watching the misery 

    Smile, you’re on planet Lebanon.

  • New era in relations 

    Lebanon’s relations with Russia have always been fairly warm, even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and in that time those ties have sailed through...

  • Cooperation is the answer 

    America Monday marked the 16th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. But the U.S. was not alone in weeping with grief that day, when nearly 3,000 lives...

  • Church collusion 

    Christians, Muslims and Jews lived side by side in Jerusalem, a city recognized internationally as a place of peace, until the late 19th century, when Zionism...

  • United in sorrow 

    Yesterday’s day of mourning for Lebanon’s fallen heroes was a display of national unity, manifested regardless of sect, geographic area or tribe.

  • In gratitude and respect 

    The supreme sacrifice a person can make is to give his life for his country, and Lebanon has always had its share of heroes willing to die for the safety of...

  • Dangerous games 

    In the ongoing crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the endgame, both for the United States and for North Korea, is to sit down and talk.

  • Hollow statements 

    In recent years, Iranian officials have repeatedly tried to claim that Tehran is open to improving and maintaining good relationships with its neighbors,...

  • Nightmare as world sleeps 

    A genocide is in the making under the eyes of the civilized world.

  • Strife in the making 

    From the moment that Syria and Iraq won their independence, the seeds of Kurdish secession began to germinate.

  • Building bridges 

    Prime Minister Saad Hariri has embarked on a landmark visit to France, the latest example of the premier’s bridge-building and diplomatic efforts.

  • Conspiracy like no other 

    The international conspiracy against Palestine, which is spun through the United Nations, makes every other plot seen in the world body’s halls seem like...

  • Heartless politicking 

    Everyone knows that Lebanon is saddled with a number of unemployed, ambitious and boring politicians who consider politics game – all the more so since they...

  • Martyrdom with honor 

    It is quite clear Sunday’s revelation of the tragic fates of eight of our missing servicemen will not ease the suffering of their grieving families.

  • Insulting rhetoric 

    The past few weeks have witnessed relentless efforts by March 8 parties, and Hezbollah in particular, to bestow some legitimacy on the criminal regime of...

  • A chilling omen 

    The scent of a brand new conflict in Yemen’s bloody civil war hangs heavily over the streets of Sanaa.

  • Stillborn diplomacy 

    In recent days Israeli land-grabbers and demolishers have been busy.

  • Aiding and abetting 

    Over the past six and a half years the people of Syria have been plagued by the United States, Russia and the United Nations – a criminal triumvirate that has...

  • Enough is enough 

    It is a matter of fact that clashes, killings and shootings in Sidon’s Ain al-Hilweh have reached a crescendo – both for the Palestinians inside the camp and...