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  • On verge of explosion 

    Israel’s outrageous actions have gone so far beyond its typical aggression that even the derelict Arab League has finally spoken, accusing the Jewish state of...

  • An Army to be proud of 

    The clashes seen Friday around Arsal and the Lebanese-Syrian border are in no way a surprise.

  • Just ink on paper 

    The real tragedy in America’s decision to renege on its commitment to aid Syria’s moderate rebels lies in the fact that the move surprised no one.

  • A political travesty 

    At times of heightened political interest, naysayers, party puppets, ambitious politicians and some of the more subjective media search for controversy...

  • A start, and a good one 

    The voyage of the salary scale has finally come to an end.

  • Racial venom 

    The controversy about the presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, although not new, has suddenly taken on a life of its own, with some politicians and...

  • A Swiss cheese maze 

    Governments have come and gone, but the salary scale saga has never gone away.

  • The traffic scourge 

    Traffic management is a science, one that Western nations have mastered for decades.

  • Humanitarian issue as well 

    Suddenly and stealthily the headlines have moved on from the issue of refugees’ return to something equally incendiary – security around Arsal.

  • A puppet show 

    By nature the Lebanese are rarely consistent, except in their ability to acrobatically politicize every issue – from climate change, to rainfall, to the price...

  • Keep religion out of school 

    The greed and opportunism of Lebanese politicians, tribal leaders and political parties knows no bounds.

  • A venerable institution 

    The Lebanese are addicted to superlatives.

  • Iraq’s V-Day a beginning 

    Sunday was V-Day for Iraq in Mosul, as PM Haider al-Abadi finally declared victory over Daesh (ISIS). Yet Abadi’s declaration is premature, and not only...

  • Provisioning sinking ships 

    At long last someone has decided to open the Pandora’s box of media in Lebanon.

  • Transparency dispels doubts 

    The Lebanese Army’s sterling reputation, acquired over many years and in the face of numerous daunting challenges, is well deserved.

  • Refugees aren’t pawns 

    It’s no secret that some 1.5 million Syrians have taken refuge in Lebanon over the past six years – people forced from their devastated home by war and...

  • Theater of the absurd 

    It could be said that the Lebanese are blessed with a never-ending diet of political vaudeville entertainment.

  • American train wreck 

    Since its very conception, the United States has trumpeted itself as a model in values, governance and freedom.

  • Cooperation works 

    Little good news has emanated from Lebanon’s Palestinian camps in recent weeks, but the handover of a key terror suspect from Ain al-Hilweh to Lebanese...

  • Unity is the best defense 

    The deadly suicide attacks against Lebanese Army patrols in Arsal Friday show that the country is in the crosshairs of the Daesh (ISIS) and Nusra Front...

  • Heed the warning 

    Deputy premier and Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani has shown dynamism and responsible policies at his ministry toward the sick and hospitalized in the...

  • Kept in the dark 

    The whole country has been optimistic recently, thanks to the agreement reached in Baabda outlining the blueprint for development across the country.

  • Focused on trivialities 

    While the region basked in Eid al-Fitr festivities, Baalbeck mourned as a young woman became the latest victim of celebratory gunfire.

  • Doomed endeavor 

    For decades the U.S. has indulged – without success – in trying to find a solution to the intractable Israel-Palestine problem.

  • The jury’s still out 

    The presidency made absolutely certain the table Lebanese political leaders sat around Thursday was not round, so it wouldn’t echo gatherings of the past.