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  • Take the civil route 

    Musa Sadr is a national icon revered by Muslims, Christians and peace-loving Lebanese of all sects.

  • Chance of a lifetime 

    Since the advent of the 1975-90 Civil War, Lebanon has had a reputation as a cauldron of conflict for much of the world that doesn’t truly know the country.

  • The clock is ticking 

    The Lebanese have always prided themselves on being the only democracy in a jungle of dictatorships.

  • Alarming ambitions 

    All the shuttle diplomacy, horse-trading, conditions and disputes over ministerial seats and portfolios may seem to keep the political scene in Lebanon...

  • Logic and consistency 

    Logic and consistency seem to have eluded several March 8 elements who have been hammering into the Lebanese people how vital it is to invite Syria to the...

  • Beacon of hope 

    Whenever people talk about Lebanon, they primarily mention its outstanding cuisine, historical significance, fabulous locales and venues and the endless...

  • Europe’s year of living defensively 

    From a European perspective, 2019 promises to be another difficult year, dominated by large challenges that could easily turn into menacing crises.

  • Theater of the absurd 

    The Cabinet formation deadlock has persisted for over seven months now, and what was already a tragedy for a country on edge has turned into a farce - and no...

  • Christmas conspiracy 

    Christmas has come early for Damascus this year, with Trump’s precious strategic gift to Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria.

  • A grain of salt 

    A piece of trivia: An Israeli collector has opened up a museum of salt and pepper shakers, with reportedly some 37,000 pairs on display.

  • Promise for Yemen 

    It’s welcome news that the warring factions in Yemen have agreed to a cease-fire in Hodeida as part of a series of breakthroughs that were announced Thursday...

  • Resolution of nothing 

    This year has been one of important anniversaries for Palestinians.

  • Assailing the firefighter 

    From the day Saad Hariri became prime minister-designate, orders were given to yellow publications, yellow minds, Syria lackeys and March 8 politicians, to...

  • A Haley, Israeli fail 

    It’s no secret that for years, Israel has used every possible means in an attempt to break the Palestinians. The Jewish state has tried to bring them to...

  • Yet another Israeli sham 

    Israel Tuesday raised the specter of war once again with its army announcing the start of an operation along its northern border with Lebanon to “expose and...

  • Law applies to everyone 

    Of all the traits that characterize Lebanon, one of the most vocal is the relentless call by citizens and politicians alike for an independent judiciary and...