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  • Practice what you preach_456137_ 

    As Lebanon marks Independence Day, it’s worth remembering that over the centuries this tiny sliver of land has endured and later shed the shackles of many...

  • A mantra for health 

    After stormy weeks of anxiety, apprehension and vagueness that shook the foundations of governance in Lebanon, this week promises some good tidings, and...

  • It takes two to tango 

    This week Lebanon is set to address some very sensitive challenges as the saga of Prime Minister Saad Hariri comes to the final stretch with the country...

  • A friend in need 

    France’s involvement in Lebanese affairs goes back a century, with successive French governments displaying numerous initiatives over the years as honest...

  • The real debate 

    After almost two weeks of rising tensions and vagueness surrounding Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s sojourn in Saudi Arabia, concerted efforts and contacts at...

  • Calm leads to clarity 

    The Lebanese theater is overflowing with players reading from conflicting scripts with active audience participation, a situation that impedes the universal...

  • Dissociate in deed 

    Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s well-being has now been established in a number of ways.

  • The remedy is clear 

    The message that Prime Minister Saad Hariri sent in his interview in Riyadh over the weekend was clear and simple.

  • Contradiction in terms 

    It’s no wonder observers can make neither head nor tail of U.S. President Donald Trump’s contradiction-filled Asia tour. He insulted North Korea’s Kim Jong Un...

  • Unity is the best defense 

    As dark clouds gather all around Lebanon, a lack of clarity seems to be the order of the day.

  • Detente alive and well 

    Detente indeed. Topped by a China charm offensive.

  • Infantile leadership 

    At a time when the clouds of hardship encroach upon the Middle East, the skies are polluted with delusions of grandeur and Disney-style entertainment.

  • A response in order 

    As the shock resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri continues to reverberate throughout the country and region, a question mark hangs over the reaction...

  • Yellow press distortions 

    Lebanon is the only country in the world that can boast such a multitude of circuses, with frequent innovations that only baffle young and old.

  • Time for calm reflection 

    Though PM Saad Hariri’s resignation was an unexpected development, it was inevitable something, somewhere would give as Iran’s intervention in Lebanon through...

  • Wrench in the works 

    Before the Lebanese have even recovered from the suspense that prevailed during negotiations to agree on a new electoral law, a fresh comedy of sorts rears...

  • Glorifying robbery 

    Yesterday, Britain commemorated 100 years of the Balfour Declaration by welcoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the U.K., and probably wishing...

  • Good news for a change 

    Prior to the 1990s, Rafik Hariri was known to the Lebanese as a successful businessman and philanthropist who, for example, on top of his charitable activity,...

  • Giving ground to the enemy 

    For centuries, the Orthodox Church treated its lands in the Middle East as a treasure.

  • Century-old injustice 

    Nearly 70 years ago, and as hostilities between Palestinians and the Jews were taking a turn for the worse, Jewish extremists blew up the British Officer’s...

  • The future shines bright 

    Cyprus has always been a trustworthy neighbor.

  • Murdering the vote law 

    A few months ago the Lebanese were elated at the emergence of a new election law, albeit one whose birth required a Caesarian section.

  • Sanctioning caution 

    Hezbollah is in fact in a unique cohabitation with the Lebanese presidency and government.

  • Disruptive element 

    Over the past year Cabinet managed to avoid a plethora of minefields and accomplish tough feats despite certain ministers’ controversial affiliations and...

  • Jump to the future 

    A great breath of fresh air has blown in from Saudi Arabia with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s pledge: “We are returning to what we were before – a...