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  • Infantile leadership 

    At a time when the clouds of hardship encroach upon the Middle East, the skies are polluted with delusions of grandeur and Disney-style entertainment.

  • A response in order 

    As the shock resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri continues to reverberate throughout the country and region, a question mark hangs over the reaction...

  • Yellow press distortions 

    Lebanon is the only country in the world that can boast such a multitude of circuses, with frequent innovations that only baffle young and old.

  • Time for calm reflection 

    Though PM Saad Hariri’s resignation was an unexpected development, it was inevitable something, somewhere would give as Iran’s intervention in Lebanon through...

  • Wrench in the works 

    Before the Lebanese have even recovered from the suspense that prevailed during negotiations to agree on a new electoral law, a fresh comedy of sorts rears...

  • Glorifying robbery 

    Yesterday, Britain commemorated 100 years of the Balfour Declaration by welcoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the U.K., and probably wishing...

  • Good news for a change 

    Prior to the 1990s, Rafik Hariri was known to the Lebanese as a successful businessman and philanthropist who, for example, on top of his charitable activity,...

  • Giving ground to the enemy 

    For centuries, the Orthodox Church treated its lands in the Middle East as a treasure.

  • Century-old injustice 

    Nearly 70 years ago, and as hostilities between Palestinians and the Jews were taking a turn for the worse, Jewish extremists blew up the British Officer’s...

  • The future shines bright 

    Cyprus has always been a trustworthy neighbor.

  • Murdering the vote law 

    A few months ago the Lebanese were elated at the emergence of a new election law, albeit one whose birth required a Caesarian section.

  • Sanctioning caution 

    Hezbollah is in fact in a unique cohabitation with the Lebanese presidency and government.

  • Disruptive element 

    Over the past year Cabinet managed to avoid a plethora of minefields and accomplish tough feats despite certain ministers’ controversial affiliations and...

  • Jump to the future 

    A great breath of fresh air has blown in from Saudi Arabia with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s pledge: “We are returning to what we were before – a...

  • Murder most foul 

    There appears to be no end to the torrential rivers of blood flowing across Syria.